In 2019, we will host
thre new groups

26.3 - 4.05 / Women of the Cracks
A group of women from the Haifa and the region which has been meeting for four year now. The committed group is exploring trauma and building resilience. They chose this name in reference to the cracks trauma creates, but also because hearing the narrative of the other side created cracks in their respective narratives, crack through which light can enter. During 10 days, the women will be hosted in a chalet and afterwards in mixed pairs in our host families, continuing away from the conflict their professionally run dialog work. They will also discover the Swiss culture through presentations on the Swiss democratic system, visit the United Nations in Geneva and meet with migrant women.

24-6 - 4.07 / the Jerusalem Youth Choir returns !
After a very rough end of 2017 and 2018, the choir is rebuilding. Coming to Switzerland will strengthen it in its new form, a participative management by the singers themselves. 8 work groups have been created to manage the various aspects of the choir’s activities: the singers sing, dialogue on a weekly basis and also lead the management of its choreography on stage, repertoire, outfits during concerts, rehearsals and choir direction, coordination of the Palestinian and the Jewish Israeli participants, finance and fundraising, communication and are learning to become dialogue facilitators themselves. In other words, the choir are growing into teaching and practicing new skills of management and the singers are becoming full actors of their own choir, and lives. The choir continues to bring to life a vision of a Jerusalem for all, by recruiting high school students from public and private schools from West and East Jerusalem, bringing together its many constituencies which otherwise have very few spaces and even less opportunities to get to know each other, overcome prejudices and feel safe enough to talk at the heart of the conflict. After a few days in the Swiss Alps and a visit of Geneva, the group will be hosted in mixed pairs (a Jewish Israeli and a Palestinian) in families from Lausanne. For this new project, they will collaborate with the St Michel Choir from Fribourg, a distinguished choir of college students for a full day seminar and concert, and will sing again at the United Nations, as well as at a public concert in Lausanne. They will discover the Swiss political system and discuss the concept of neutrality with a Swiss diplomat.

end August - early September, we will host the 10th édition !... of Breaking the Ice
a trek around the Mont Blanc, the highest European mountain shared by 3 countries. The trekkers carry their tents, food and ustensiles and camp in nature, leveraging the solidarity needed in this unfamiliar environment to reach greater knowledge of each other and engaging in tough conversations.

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